Wash Away Worries with Beecology SLS-Free Body Wash

Beecology knows what you want in an SLS-free body wash: luxurious lather, an intoxicating scent, and gentle but effective cleansing power. We've wrapped these elements into every natural shower gel we make.
These fabulous body washes begin with pure oils and other simple cleansing and moisturizing ingredients; the perfect blend of natural fragrances adds the finishing touch. Choose from peppermint, grapefruit and lemongrass, and lavender and bergamot to find an SLS-free body wash that suits your fancy.
With no worries about artificial color or chemical preservatives, you'll be able enjoy the guilt-free pleasure of each Beecology natural shower gel.

Natural Body Wash

Natural Honey and Peppermint Body Wash

Natural Honey and Peppermint Body Wash$8.99

Our Honey and Peppermint Body Wash makes every shower an eye-opening, invigorating experience.  Sweet honey and energizing peppermint join pure cleansers and moisturizers to bring you an extraordinary natural body wash experience.

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Natural Grapefruit & Lemongrass Body Wash

Natural Grapefruit & Lemongrass Body Wash$8.99

Our lemongrass and grapefruit shower gel is the sweet and fragrant way to baby your skin. Natural moisturizers and cleansers, essential oils, and nothing else - a sulfate-free body wash with rich lather and a lively, fresh scent.  

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Natural Lavender & Bergamot Body Wash

Natural Lavender & Bergamot Body Wash$8.99

Beessential's Lavender and Bergamot Body Wash is a subtle, smooth, and soothing lavender body wash with a delightful citrus afternote. You'll love the great lather and fabulous moisturizing of this relaxing all-natural body wash.

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